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I Think I Hate You Enough To Love You 18/? (3/4)

                              Yamapi’s eyes widened. Fingers immediately springing away from the younger’s wrist, he frowned down at it, conflicted. “How exactly…?”
                           “Kei said the link between us would get weaker and weaker until the First Seal of the Sixty-Eighth Lock was broken,” Kazuya drew his wrist
                            back, “apparently, the minute the Seal is opened or assassinated, this Connector will die out.” He glanced up at the elder, “when I lose my
                            connection with Jin, the Second Hunt will have begun.”

The man behind the two glanced up.
Kazuya was holding Yamapi’s switchblade over his arm, “tell me,” he said as he cut back into his healing gash with a straight face, “if you feel this.”

And grimacing in his stead, at the blood that immediately began to spill from the younger’s arm, Jin glanced at his own. The small streak of a scab on the inside of his forearm stayed unbroken and mercifully painless. He turned back, purposely avoiding Kazuya’s attentive gaze as he held out his arm to show him, “nothing,” he replied, and kept his head turned away until movement blurred at the edge of his vision. “Wha-?!” He yelped when he turned to find his bandmate standing right in front of him a second later.

“Hm,” Kazuya hummed softly, cocking a brow at him and sticking out his tongue with a sheepish grin as he flipped the switchblade over his knuckles and grabbed Jin’s outstretched arm. “Sorry,” he apologized without really apologizing before he suddenly pressed the blade into the elder’s skin and –, “THE FU – KAZUYA!”

Yamapi glanced back, just in time to see Jin squirming hysterically as miniscule drops of blood spilled from his pinky finger which was slicing open under the point of his knife.
“Not so much, Kazuya,” he wrinkled his nose a moment later, “stop being an asshole – he’ll start screaming again-,” – like he wasn’t already.

“It’s gone,” Kazuya returned, turning over his own hand to show Yamapi as he abruptly stopped abusing Jin to walk back.
Yamapi turned around fully this time, “the Connector?” He prompted back quietly.
“It’s dead,” Kazuya murmured as he walked past him, “we can’t feel each other’s pain anymore."

The elder’s eyes widened. “Then 1st Seal…?” He murmured back while Jin was preoccupied with fussing over his new wound.
“Probably gave up his code or,” Kazuya tilted his head, tugging at his hair as he glanced back at Yamapi, “…was just killed.”

Ryo glanced at Tatsuya for the tenth time since the hysterical debacle he’d thrown up an hour ago. Since then, he’d sequestered himself away to an armchair by the fireplace at the far right end of the room – legs folded up to his chest, eyes wide and unblinking as he stared endlessly into the phone he’d been furiously texting on for the last sixty minutes nonstop.

He didn’t look well – face pale and blotchy with uneven shades of red marking up his cheeks, which he kept biting into from the inside. The food Junno had left on the coffee table beside him stayed untouched, the bottle of coke similarly unopened. Ryo sighed as Yuya, who sat beside him at the kitchen island, tugged his sleeve and cocked his head. “Who died?” He prompted, gesturing with his eyes to Tatsuya.
“Kame’s missing, I think,” Ryo muttered back without looking away from the KAT-TUN singer, “he isn’t taking it well.”
“Can anyone help?”
Ryo shook his head as Tatsuya curled further into himself, brow pinching desperately as he continued tapping away on his phone. “Unless anyone knows where Kame is, don’t think anyone can...”

Meanwhile, Tatsuya stared with panicked eyes at the television mounted above the fireplace which blared the nightly news. It reported of the sudden death of a certain senator, a one Kitahara Gorou who’d fallen prey to what appeared to be a failed robbery of his summer home.
Tatsuya knew better than that though.

That man’s death meant very certain things for very certain people - the suspicious circumstances of the morbid matter spoke volumes of coverups and shabbily executed damage control - which wasn't the fucking point-! The fact that Kazuya’s signal had simultaneously - in the same time frame of the senator's death - gone out on his phone at some point today or last night wasn’t a coincidence - that was what mattered presently. Kazuya could take care of himself, Yamapi too – if they were together, wherever in the hell they were – Tatsuya wasn’t too worried about them. It was the fact that Jin was missing along with them, the fact that this timing was just too strange, that fact some mysterious servant despite’s Tokoro’s callback of them just an hour ago still hadn’t turned up – it was all this that set him on edge, teeth chattering, bones clattering.

“Where are you?” He hissed as he turned back to his phone, “goddammit, where are you?!”


“Okay, stop.”

Jin glanced up and Yamapi glanced back.
Kazuya stood between them, pout pulled tight on his face as he scowled at the ground beneath their feet. “Something’s not right,” he mumbled.
“Speak uppppp,” Pi yelled back, voice going deep with a yawn as he continued walking.
“I said, stop walking – something’s not right,” Kazuya barked back, eyes still fixed at his feet.

“What isn’t?” Jin prompted curiously, about to take a step forward before the younger whipped a hand back and held it out in his direction signaling him to stop as well. He lifted his head as he did, eyes narrowing as he stared off into the distance ahead.
“Kazu-,” Pi started irritably after having waited a second too long.
“Someone’s been this way,” Kazuya interrupted restlessly, “this path’s been trodden on – broken roots,” he pointed somewhere, “snapped branches,” he pointed somewhere else, “there’re cuts in that damn tree, the leaves over there-.”
“So we’ll just set off the trap and keep going, same as always,” Yamapi moaned tiredly, “you had all of yesterday and today to get paranoid, don’t start now-,” he waved the younger off before he could get to saying anything else.

“Yamapi,” Kazuya grimaced back, “be more careful – someone's obviously been this way, there might be a tra-."
The sound of the softest click cut the air.
Yamapi flinched at the same time Kazuya did and glanced down to see that he’d just stepped on a rather badly disguised trigger. “Tsk,” he growled, realizing his lack of sleep was costing him his attentiveness. “Dammit,” he hissed to himself as he lifted his head to look around for any suspicious little nook or cranny capable of hiding a potential trap.

“There-,” Kazuya spotted one such crevice at the same time Yamapi spotted two others; six areas all together, they counted after a minute, all located a little lower relative to where their heads sat. He’d have to-, “jump on three,” Kazuya called over and immediately started the countdown. “One,” Yamapi crouched, “two,” he glanced up, digging his feet into the soil, “thr-,” Kazuya suddenly quieted when he chanced a glance upward as well.

“Wa-,” he gasped when sinister glint of something clear blinded him for a transient second and “Pi – wait-!”
But the elder was already in the air. Shards of glass, set off by the trigger he’d just stepped off of, jetted out of all the right places – missing Yamapi by a hair, which would’ve been perfectly wonderful and all kinds of relief-inducing had it not been for the sudden, subtle noise ringing away softly in the background.

Unspooling thread – Jin’s widened as his ears pricked to the quiet but familiar sound of it.

“What is-?” He gasped in alarm as something besides the glass zipped through the air above his head and across the ground near his ankles.
“It’s a decoy…,” he thought he heard Kazuya whisper -, “decoy, it’s a de- nylon!” He gasped as clear stringe, guided by what appeared to be flying, makeshift arrowheads, whipped out in all manner of directions at his feet. “Yamapi, FREEZE-!” He shouted suddenly, whipping his head back up – but it was too late.

Yamapi was stretched oddly – hanging by the nylon wrapped tight around his right wrist and struggling against the second bunch of strings cutting deep into his left foot. “Ka… zuya-,” he whimpered, glancing back frantically at the younger who quickly held out his hands signaling him to stay put.
“Just stay… still,” Kazuya replied hurriedly, managing his panic, eyes darting as he mapped out what he could see tangled around their feet and in the air above their heads. Yamapi had been at the center of the second trap – so they, Jin and he who were standing at the periphery – weren’t as tightly wrapped up as him.

One of his feet – bleeding at the Achilles tendon where one nylon string had sawed deep into skin – was stretched precariously backward. Another string, adjacent to it, had cut into flesh alongside his ankle, but the third and final string that was to encase his foot at the center of the triangle the three crossing strings made, had missed him by a few centimeters and gave him his leeway. His second foot, which had been up in the air when the nylon strings had shot out immediately after the glass shards had, wasn’t caught.

Meanwhile, Jin stared at the ground where – if one tilted their head just right – stray rays of sunshine caught transparent strings of the netted material wound in an intricate web just inches off the ground – low enough to not notice, high enough to keep a person caught once in action.
The idol gulped, noting that he was all and well completely trapped – both feet and one wrist tied to the ground Kazuya had pushed him down against when the glass from earlier had been set off.

He’d seen this kind of stuff in TV series and animes – the strings would allow a certain amount of initial stretch, but would give way to a trap if secondary movement was introduced because it implicated that the target was trying to move.
And so Kazuya, who knew this as well, reasoned with himself. If he moved his caught foot and displaced the strings there, what kind of trap would he unleash?

The person that had accompanied them into the forest was, for some strange reason or the other, not trying to kill them – simply capture them. The subtle nuances of all the past traps attested to as much: the shadows that had hidden the glass shards from earlier were positioned low so that if any one of them had indeed been hit – they would’ve been hit a little below their ribcage. The glass hadn’t flown out with enough speed to completely pierce the barrier of skin – the worst any of them would have faced would’ve been a few painful splinters here and there that could easily be removed; no facial damage, no massive lacerations – nothing so serious that it would result in a loss of life.

Likewise, the past traps had been adjusted in the same manner – to induce unconsciousness not death.

Kazuya lifted his head and looked around. He couldn’t see much - anything at all, really – nothing seemed immediately out of place or even remotely linked to this intricate setup at first glance – “Kazuy—a, I c-can’t…”
“Tomohisa, stay. Still.” The brunette snapped back, peering desperately into the leafy canopy above – what was it? What couldn’t he see?!
“Something… something…,” he whispered to himself, eyes darting around furiously, “anything…-,” he gritted his teeth, “anything – anything-!”

This wasn’t even that complicated of a trap! How had they fallen into it?! In all their cockiness and impatience to get out of the forest, he supposed, their fatigue atop it all – “Kazu.”
Tsk! They should’ve been more careful! They should’ve-!

“WHAT.” The younger barked, finally turning over his shoulder to where Jin – equally awkwardly positioned among the mess of nylon – pointed to something far behind him.
“There,” and Kazuya looked up, narrowing his eyes, “between the roots,” Jin continued, “behind that big tree-,” his eyes widened a minute later when he spotted what Jin was pointing at; something that hadn’t been there before, he was sure – evidently it had risen at the same time the nylon string had.

“Rope,” Jin finished as the younger stared at the thick twine stretched taut against and camouflaged near perfectly with the forest floor.
“Net trap…?” He asked himself, ignoring Yamapi’s groan in the background as he thought for a second.

It was fairly tame – a net trap. Once set off it’d simply spring up around its targets and rise up into the trees.
Kazuya frowned. Considering that a majority of the traps they’d been running into all day had had some degree of bloody danger associated with them – this was suspiciously merciful. He bit his lip, thinking about what he could be missing here – “goddammit – it’s c-cutting de-ep,” Yamapi hissed, shaking with the strain of trying to maintain his unbalanced posture.

Kazuya glanced back to watch as he did. “It’s a net trap,” he informed after a second.
“What’s the catch-?” Yamapi hissed.
“I don’t know.”

The elder whimpered, blood dripping faster off his wrist as the nylon strings tightened around it.
“Can you get out…?” He whispered through gritted teeth as he tolerated the sharp pain.
“Not without setting off the trap.”
“Same,” Kazuya replied for him.

“Fu… ck…,” Yamapi squeezed his eyes shut for a long moment, enduring the numbness that was beginning to spread into his captured hand as the blood flow was cut off. “Fuck it,” he gritted out a minute later when the numbness began to spread into his arm as well, accompanied with a strange chill. And Kazuya’s head snapped up - , "wha-."
“Fuck it,” Yamapi repeated turning his head back, “I’ll cut us out of it,” he promised to the two behind him – his only warning before he jerked his wrist out of the air and pressed it protectively into his chest as loud snaps and crackles of tree branches and the like rang up in the forest around them.

“Wait, what-.” Jin started, eyes immediately flickering back to the rope he’d spotted earlier while his bandmate started screaming.
“YAMAPI, WHAT THE FUCK – I’M GOING TO-!” Kazuya never finished. The net – that had apparently not just been hidden, but buried underground - rose, snapped up around the three, closed in tight and whoosh! Went flying up into the treetops once it had swallowed its targets – all in the space of a minute.

They’d all been flung up against each other in the process – limbs tangling with limbs, skulls cracking painfully against one another's as one yelled at the other to move that way, the other yelled back to move this way and the net – which kept jostling them about until it had reached its final apex in the canopy – just made everything that much worse-. “Wait, where’s Kazuya?” Jin yelled a midst the commotion, struggling as he detangled himself from his best friend, “wasn’t he just-?” He continued, whipping his head around, noting that his band leader was missing from the mess that was he, his best friend, sharp nylon, and thick rope.

“He probably just-,” Yamapi grimaced, struggling similarily to tug his arm out of what appeared to be a knot of Jin’s legs, thread and twine, “tied up in another part-,” he strained as they both pulled themselves into opposite direction trying to get free of the mess, “of the net, goddammit-! This fucking tr-.”

Both Yamapi and Jin promptly shrieked when Kazuya swung down between them. Upside-down. Hanging from a part of the net knotted tight around one of his ankles.

“What the fuck-?” Jin recovered first, sizing the younger up with a wrinkle of the nose, “the hell happened to you-?” He broke off when Yamapi started howling in laughter despite everything – because really. In no setting would Kazuya hanging upside-down in the air, prissily no less – with his arms folded stoically across his chest – not be funny. The only Jin wasn't in the same state as his fearless best friend was becuase he was presently schooling his face to emit the closest thing to nonchalance because Kazuya was particularly grinning pleasently at him; also, unless it was for comedy, people who laughed at Kazuya didn't tend to survive the ordeal that was his retribution.

"What is i-?"
“Kindly untie me so I beat his dumb ass,” he requested politely before Jin could ask.
But Jin didn’t budge, and instead continued staring blankly at him – just taking it in because he doubted that he’d even see anything like this ag -, “now. Jin.”
“Ah- yeah,” the man relented, giving his head a quick shake qne micromanaging his expression as he reached up and threaded his fingers through the bulk of the tangle at the younger’s ankle while Yamapi continued hacking up his lungs.

As Jin worked, Kazuya wiggled around furiously, arms straining as tried his hand at strangling Pi to death from the opposite side of the net.
Safe to say, it wasn’t working because he was only knotting himself up further (“Kazu, hang on - give me a sec here”) and Yamapi was further away from him than Jin was.

“Ugh!” He yelled impatiently, batting his fists around randomly when he found that couldn’t reach, “I’m going to fucking kill you-!”
“But you can’t,” Yamapi wheezed incessantly, flicking away his tears as he laughed harder and harder, “oh my God! I wish I had my phone-!”
Kazuya immediately glanced down at Yamapi’s phone in his own hands. Grinning like the devil as Jin managed to loosen up the thick of the tangle, he brought it up in front of himself, holding it with both his hands like he was preparing to snap it in half.

“Babe, don’t break our compass,” Yamapi sighed with a chuckle, patting his chest as he came down from his high, “you seriously trying to get us stuck out here for li-?”
“Got it,” Jin barely had a second to murmur as Kazuya fell free of the rope and immediately lunged at Pi like a dog starved.
“WHOA-!” The latter hollered, maneuvering best anyone could within the confines of a large but constricting net as he dodged Kazuya’s first swipe, but got caught in his second.

While they tussled like a pirate's children (cussing to the high heavens), Jin got busy freeing himself from the knotted up part of the net between his legs. “You guys,” he muttered, reluctant to break up the brutal fight at the risk of an unintentional black eye, “come on, what’re we going to do about this-?”
“We wouldn’t have to do anything with Yamapi had just fucking waited a second-!” Kazuya started screaming back as he strangled the ever-loving life out of their mutual friend.
“BITCH." The latter choked back self-righteously, "I would’ve lost my damn hand if we’d waited any longer!” He squawked breathlessly, clawing at the younger’s hands on his throat while the eldest mae face.
“Seriously?” Jin grimaced as he watched, “you guys-.”

Kazuya promptly started yelling in another language that didn’t sound completely French.
Yamapi chuckled back – either an idiot (most probably an idiot), or just so confident in his ability to get free of this bind that he could manage laughing at a time like this. “Love when you talk dirty to me~,” he started leering, shutting the younger up for exactly a second before Kazuya exploded: “tu es completement débile! Vai a morire ammazzato! Vous êtes stupide! Stupide! Imbécile! SONUVABITCH. Che cazzo! Vaffanculo-!” - a litany of condemning insults made exotic by the use of several different languages all at once.

Jin watched on in silence, unsure of whether to be impressed or horrified.
As he still wasn’t keen on getting between them, he sighed as he sat back and let them fight it out. God knew they needed it, agitated ball of nerves they both were. He turned away from the wild pair, eyes lifting to examine the structure of the trap they’d gotten themselves caught it instead.

It was a massive net, now that he was looking at it – truly massive. Large enough maybe to hold a few bears or so, but obviously made with the purpose of trapping something else: them. He shuddered, remembering Yamapi’s cheesy smile when he’d confirmed back there that these were indeed human traps.

The quiet idol glanced up higher, tilting his head further back as he studied the branches to which their net was tethered to. He frowned when he noticed their scrawny, wooden supports were flimsy at best – it probably meant that the larger supporting branches were further away, much further away considering the size of the net; point was, that if they scuffled around too much – the flimsy supports at the center of the net would give out and-.

Jin glanced down, gauging their distance from the forest floor which he couldn’t see through the incoming evening mist. Evidently, he didn't think the lack of mist would've improved his outlook on the situation anyway - they were so high in the treetops, he could actually see the setting sun if he craned his neck.

Hm. His face contorted worriedly. So they’d fall to their deaths.
“That’s nice…,” the idol muttered absently to himself as he stared into the forest below for a while and then some before finally glancing back up at the two monsters in front of him.

Kazuya was out of breath and Yamapi was turning blue in the face by then – but overall, they seemed more or less resolved.
So, “how’re we getting out of this?” Jin asked. He pointed above at their feeble support then below at the forest floor which looked to be miles away.
“Hah-?” Kazuya started to wrinkle his nose, " we just need to cut our way out-," he glanced up while Yamapi glanced down.

A quietness settled over the lot of them when they seemed to come to the same conclusion Jin had.

“Well, fuck.” Yamapi cursed first.
“There’s the catch,” Kazuya sighed next as he pulled his hand away from the elder’s neck, turning his head to look down into the forest as well. “Even if we get out of this thing without breaking the support,” he frowned slightly, “we’ll probably,” he waited a second before giving a certain nod, “fall to our deaths,” he declared.

“Oh wow, way to be positive, Kazuya.”
“Do not start with me again, I will skin you alive, Tomohisa.”

Jin just stared at them as they continued bickering while they rearranged themselves so as to not suffer from cramps later. “You…,” he started when Yamapi was sitting up against one side of the net, with Kazuya using him a chair – legs flung on either sides of Jin where he propped his feet up on the other side of the net. “You guys aren’t worried about this…?” He frowned, gesturing to the entirety of their situation, “the person who was following us caught us, you know?” A familiar sense of panic was beginning to crawl up his throat again and clog his senses, “if they’re not trying to kill us, what’re they-?” He went stiff, "what if this net's poisoned or something? Or what if they wait 'till we all fall asleep to kill us-?"

“Yamapi.” Kazuya interrupted, without looking away from Jin as he leaned back into the man’s chest. “How many weapons do you have on you right now?” He asked, seemingly for the benefit of his bandmate because he still wasn’t breaking eye contact.
“Nineteen plus the switchblade,” the latter replied casually while Jin’s mouth dropped open.
“Sooooo, we won’t have any problems with the hunter who set this up?”
“Probably not,” Yamapi yawned, lifting his arms above his head as he stretched for an obnoxious amount of time before he dropped his chin onto Kazuya’s hair. “Hey, I’m crashing for a few hours – wake me up when you want to sleep,” he muttered as he promptly shut his eyes and his best friend spluttered helplessly.

“Wait, what?” Jin wheezed, eyes switching between the two for a moment before he flung his hands out at Yamapi, eyeing Kazuya incredulously. “Just like that?!”
“It’s fine, Jin,” the younger reassured him, “this is by far the least dangerous trap we could’ve gotten caught in – and all the traps before this…,” he trailed off gesturing to the forest behind them, “… this person – if there is one –,” Jin clicked his tongue, rolling his eyes at the prospect of Kazuya insisting that they still might not have a stalker despite everything, “isn’t trying to kill us. They wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of setting up decoy traps and nylon snares to make a net trap if they were trying to kill us-.”

“We could still fall to our deaths!”
“If we try to get out,” Kazuya pointed out with a frown, “this is blessing in disguise, Jin – just be happy we’re still breathing.”
That phrase again – the elder groaned, dropping his face into his hands as the younger continued: “besides it’s almost night, we would’ve stopped soon enough to find higher ground – this is okay. We’re okay.”

“Oh, please –,” Jin muttered, shoving the heels of his palms into his eyes, “this is literally the farthest thing from okay. We’re stranded in a forest, in a net, just waiting for a sadistic hunter to come by and torture us to death-.”
“The hell have you been watching?” Kazuya wrinkled his nose back.
“Ugh, Yuichiro was right,” Jin ignored him as he continued, “I should’ve never come back for this stupid reunion –," he murmured to himself, "should’ve never come back to Japan-!”
Kazuya glanced across at him, brow dipping slightly in transient concern, induling in a rare moment of empathy as he reached over. “Jin,” he interrupted, brushing his fingers through the man’s stubble, getting him to lift his head out of his hands, “trust me,” he insisted, “it’s been two days since the crash, someone’s bound to find us – everything will be okay by tomo-.”

“You don’t know that for sure.”
“No,” Kazuya shrugged drawing his hands back, “but by tomorrow either the hunter,” Jin’s eyes widened, “or Tatsuya’s guards will show up somewhere around here. Either way, we’ll be out of this thing soon enough – so get some rest while you still have the time.”
“We don’t have time to-!”
“In case,” Kazuya tilted his head, eyes meaningfully dark as he carried on slowly, “we need to run tomorrow,” the latter flinched, “save up on your energy now. Okay?”

That seemed to do the trick.

Jin threw his hands into the air and gave up on life for umpteenth time in the last 48 hours. “How am I not dead yet…?” He mumbled to himself as he curled away from the two in front of him, “how the hell am I even alive? Why am I even alive-?” – Kazuya ignored the rest of it, turning back down to Yamapi’s phone in his hands. 10% of the battery was left glimmering away at the top of the screen and he grimaced.

They should’ve been much closer to their destination by the end of their second day – granted, they wouldn’t have to do as much walking tomorrow if they ever got free of this thing in time, but they should’ve been back to Tokoro’s by now, back at home. The traps had hindered them a little too much, and they themselves had wasted a bit too much time on them. He sighed irritably, shutting off the phone and tucking it away as he leaned back into Yamapi again and lifted his head back to stare at the scenery in silent thought.

His makeshift armchair woke up around an hour after nightfall, stretching excessively and purposely jostling Kazuya around while he was at it until the younger elbowed him in the stomach grumbling about rematches.
“Whatever,” the elder huffed as he flung his arms around the younger's stomach again and settled back with his chin on Kazuya’s head. “How’s he?” He prompted, pointing towards his best friend while Kazuya shrugged and muttered, “pessimistic as shit.”

Yamapi sighed back loudly. “It's kind of weird," Kazuya could hear the confusion in his voice, "considering that we came out of the ghetto and all,” Pi tilted his head, “he really shouldn’t be this out of it – he was the one who started most of the fights back then, you know?”
The younger beneath him nodded back without saying a word. That Jin had been excesively skittish around them for the last two days had been painfully apparent to both of them from the get-go, but between the two of them, Kazuya was the one who had a good enough idea as to why.

He wasn’t blind. He’d seen Jin hanging a bit too far behind them when they walked – skirting the edge of close enough and far enough at the same time, like he was trying to put distance between himself and the two of them. Considering that he’d only recently just learned about what Yamapi had done at his auction, Kazuya couldn’t really blame him. Jin was presently stuck in a place where he was surrounded by questions no one would give him the answers to; the people he’d once trusted most were coming into question and he hadn’t the capacity to deal with that, all in the space of a mere few days. Not to mention, he was still probably stressed about his little brother.

Kazuya sighed quietly at the thought, lowering his eyes and dropping his head as he made to stare obsessively at his hands while Yamapi talked his ear off - probably to distract himself from the situation rather than entertain the younger. It was mostly nonstop nonsense too, his concert this and rehearsal that – a cocky junior that had requested something less-than-vanilla of him, and some managerial intern that had somehow messed up in the process of coming onto him; his bitch manager and asshole director, some guy he'd met somewhere to talk about something about some happening-.
“Hey…,” Kazuya slipped into his pointless babble as easily as he would in normal conversations; just assimilating himself like he’d always been there.

But he hadn’t.
And something was wrong with his voice. Yamapi could hear it.

No one needed to tell him what was coming next.
Jin was asleep - definitely so - and if Kazuya was choosing to talk now, the subject would, by no means, be of the casual type.

So he settled back and sucked his lower lip into his mouth.
“Yeah?” He replied reluctantly through it.
“Has Jin…,” Kazuya tilted his head against his chest bone, leaning away from the crook of his neck, head rolling against his shoulder, “done anything weird around you?”

Yamapi blinked, lip slipping from his enamel. “What?” He laughed, and looked down at the cinnamon swirl that was the top of the younger’s head, “ ‘done anything weird’ - Kazuya, he does weird shit on an hourly basis - what do you mean ‘done anything weird’?”

“No - I meant like…,” the guy hesitated, fidgeting as much as their confines would allow. “Like…,” he sounded like a grade-schooler trying to confess, “- I dunno’,” he shrugged helplessly, “like besides avoiding you… has he been acting… especiallydifferent… around you?” He turned up this time, having found the courage to finally do so as he tilted his head back, “has he said anything strange? Done anything-.”

“ ‘Weird’?” Yamapi finished, frowning now, “I mean besides avoiding me, no - why?” he shifted, making the ropes of their net sway, “why? You know anything?- Besides that jealousy bullshit-,” and the accused’s glance fell away, jaw jutting out as he licked his wisdom teeth and slowly lowered his head after casting a momentary glance at his bandmate.

“Kazuya?” The idol behind him pressed, “Kazuya - what is it-?”
“I think…,” the younger mumbled, staring at his hands again, “he might know…,” he paused, eyes wandering, “about you…”

“ ‘Know’?” Pi parroted back, “what ‘know’? There’s a lot of things he could kn-,” - he had the worst feeling that he already knew the answer to this. In all honesty, he was stalling because he didn’t want to hear it-.
“About the auction, Tomo,” Pi cursed his premonition, while Kazuya turned back to face him, “I think he knows – no,” Kazuya bit his trembling lip as he quickly turned back, squeezing his eyes shut as he murmured, “he knows. For sure.”
And the man behind stayed still, though his blood had already started freezing up through his very capillaries.

For a minute, Yamapi thought he saw nothing but red - then black, an endless shade of it, after which a blinding white tore apart whatever cells were left of his vision.
“How.” he cleared his throat quietly.
“…,” though his mouth was open, Kazuya’s words refused him the luxury of speaking. So he swallowed and curled into himself. “Someone…,” he started after a few minutes of gathering his wits about him, “someone…somebody…,” he continued, “told him about the massacre-.”

Kazuya glanced down as he felt the pressure of Yamapi’s curled fists digging into his abdomen. “And,” he repeated back, eyes fixed downward, “he… he started asking about it, started thinking you killed all those people for no reason – but-!” Kazuya glanced up immediately when he felt the elder’s hands tighten, “I told him he was wrong! I explained it to him – that you were just protecting me and that those people deserve to die anyway-!”

“What…?” Kazuya blinked.
“Who. The Fuck. Told him about me? Who the fuck got him started?”
Kazuya stilled, eyes blank and wide and he mumbled without thinking, “you… you’re not angry with me…?”

“You weren’t the one who told him,” the elder returned quickly, “you were just trying to help him understand – I get that,” he glanced down. “But, who the fuck even told him about the auction?"
Kazuya stared back at him, warmth seeping back into his chest as he sighed out the breath he’d been holding. “Some...," he paused to breath in deep, "some information broker out of The Second Family,” he leaned back into the elder again, “just before this vacation she ratted everything out to him for free-.”

“Suzu…,” Yamapi breathed, head lowering - eyes wide. “Fucking Suzu…,” he snarled, near desperately.
The singer pressed against him paused. He waited for what seemed to be the amount of time the man needed to process that, before pitching in his own two cents. “That’s the one,” he nodded, “Tetsuyama Suzuha, was it?”

"She swore she’d keep her mouth shut—,” Yamapi whispered feverishly to himself.
“You know her-?”
“She SWORE Jin would be the LAST person she’d ever tell - she SWORE to me-,” he continued, reality simpering out of his mind frame now, “-she SWORE to me with her life on the fucking l-.”

“Hey-,” Kazuya intervened, as vaguely familiar sparks of glinting life spattered and spluttered in Yamapi's eyes. He rolled his head back, snapping a finger sharply into the man’s jaw, “quit it,” he murmured, “Jin’s right here-,” - and that seemed to kill any hope of an awakening mania in the elder’s eyes.

Swallowing instead as he calmed down, he turned towards the younger - mouth pressing into his hair as he timed his breathing while staring out into the night over Kazuya’s head.

“How much?” He cleared his throat after a few minutes, speaking into soft strands of dark auburn, “how much does he know?” He turned down as Kazuya turned back to their person of interest.
“Not much, I think. He said,” he added when he felt Pi tense faintly against his back, “the info broker had told him that she’d trained you in shooting-.”

“That you have dissociative personality disorder-.”
“Does he know about my them?” Yamapi cringed visibly before adding, “my personas?”
“Not in detail, no,” Kazuya shook his head back, “he just knows there’s another side of you that has killed.”
“And that’s it?”
“For your DID, yes.”

“What else?” Yamapi pressed, “what else did that bitch tell him?”
“That she’d helped you out with finding him, and-,” Kazuya paused, eyeing his shoes, “that’d you’d killed people to get to him-.”

“Does he know?” Yamapi interrupted once more, “does he know who I was after - did she tell him?”
Kazuya shook his head. “He said he didn’t know, but…,” he turned back up to Jin - sleeping serene and unconflicted against his side of the net.

“But?” Pi strained despairingly.

Part 4

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