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I Think I Hate You Enough To Love You 17/? (8/8)


The next morning, Yamapi damn near tore Jin straight out of bed and dragged him right out onto the beach, yelling something to the effect of, “YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE FUN TODAAAAYY-!!”
“THE FU-?!” Jin screamed back, flailing wildly as he was suddenly thrown through the air and flung into – what he later realized, was a speedboat.

“You!” He yelped, squirming furiously into the shirt Yamapi had been gracious enough to pick up on his way out, “what-?! Yamapi, what’re you…?” He raged helplessly, eyes still bleary as he glanced around and realized his best friend had bounded off somewhere out of sight again – “THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Jin jumped,WHY ME-?!” Kazuya’s voice suddenly exploded, destroying any semblance of a peaceful morning right then and there, and Jin blinked, turning to his right where Yamapi was enduring all degrees of screaming and punching as he dragged KAT-TUN’s leader onto the speedboat and promptly dumped him face-first at Jin’s feet.

Jin stared on uselessly as Kazuya wiggled around, kicking out blindly as he righted himself and simultaneously tried to bust Yamapi’s head open at the same time – failing, ultimately as the latter escaped to the front and started up the engine, laughing loudly the entire time.

“DUMBASS!” He hailed him just as the elder revved the motors, “the FUCK do you think you’re taking me with this moron-,” he was a second too late to finish as the boat roared to life and-, “Tomo, WAIT-!!!” Jin yelped, hanging on for dear life as his best friend took off and sent Kazuya flying back into Jin’s chest.

While the trio burst back into battle on the speedboat after a moment of wounded silence in the next few minutes, a set of stunning green eyes observed with a smile. If any one of them had cared to glance back for even a second, they would’ve noticed one of Tokoro’s servants sitting casually on the docks. He was clearly out place, that man, with his messy curls and ink sleeves; dressed haphazardly in a servant’s uniform that was rumpled and half open. They should’ve, by all means, noticed he was there – right there – standing out a midst the morning fog. They should’ve noticed that all the while they’d been fussing about, that single servant had been watching with keen, focused eyes that narrowed slightly as he smiled and swayed giddily – setting the little bells hanging from the silver string tied to his neck, ringing soft and high.

They should’ve noticed. They really should've.


It was exactly fifteen minutes out from shore and into Kazuya trying to drown Yamapi that Jin noticed they were low on fuel. More than half asleep on the backseat, he muttered lowly – “idiots.”
They ignored him, still caught up in yelling at each other. “Iiiiiiiidiotsssssss,” he drawled insufferably once more because really. It was literally six AM. If he hadn’t been prepared for this shit on a normal work day, he didn’t understand why anyone thought he’d be any more prepared on a vacation day.

“Tsk,” he groaned, rolling onto his back when he noted that neither of the two had the patience to deal with him, nor he with them. Digging out his phone instead, he lifted it into the air, readying to search up Ryo’s contact info before he stalled. Blinking to clear his eyes, he stared curiously at the no service symbol flickering at the top of his screen. “That’s weird…,” he mumbled to himself, tilting his phone slightly so he could look past it to the cell tower that stood tall as day in the foothills of the mountains behind Tokoro’s house. At most, the distance between it and them was two miles – so why was Jin’s phone not registering the signal?

“Hm…?” Maybe it had something to do with the area or the weird geography of it - he'd read that somewhere; interference due to tall things or something of the sort. The idol sighed, letting his arm drop out of the air and onto the vessel deck as he turned again. The two stooges were tugging each other’s hair now and scratching furiously at each other like children in tussle. “Are your either of your phones working?” Jin calmly questioned the bundle of warring singers, “our gas is almost out,” he glanced at the dashboard, “we don’t have enough to get bac…,” he trailed off.

Eyes flickering, he frowned as he stared at the gas gauge; specifically at its needle which wasn’t hovering above the letter denoting empty anymore, but actually resting on the E.

Was he seeing things?

He sat up, rubbing exhaustion from his eyes as he got to his feet a moment later – shoving Kazuya and Yamapi away from each other as he stepped between them and leaned forward into the dashboard, eyes narrowed.
No, the needle was definitely pointing straight at the red E.

“What…?” The man started, straightening slightly so he could glance suspiciously at the hood of the speedboat. Why was thing still going if it had run out of juice? “Shouldn’t it be…?” He mumbled to himself, reaching over the windshield to place a hand against the hood, like he’d figure something if he got his hands onto something.

Not that it did clear anything up; but he was waking up now.

Flinching, he snapped his arm back – bending again to stare with wide eyes at the gas gauge that clearly rang empty. “What the f-?” He wheezed, eyes switching back to stare incredulously at the running motors that weren’t dying down despite the obvious lack of gas. “Wh-,” he eyed the gas gauge, then the hood under which the engine continued to run, then the gas gauge again – “Pi-,” he started abruptly, whipping around to find that his best friend was frozen, eyes blank but focused on the same gas gauge Jin had just spent a minute gawking at.

He blinked. “Kazuya…,” he breathed a moment later when Jin and he seemed to come to same conclusion in the same second.

A dead engine should NOT be running.

“… Something’s wrong…,” they both whispered in the same instant, and had exactly a second to meet each other’s’ eyes just before-, “what?” Kazuya turned - the engine suddenly revved and took off at thrice the speed Yamapi had been driving it at. With no gas.

All by itself.
And no one at the handle bars.


A/N: if someone could rescue me from premed hell, I'd actually be so grateful. Also, thanks for putting up with my late ass, don't know why you wait for me - y'all are awesomesauce ❤︎❤︎❤︎.
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