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I Think I Hate You Enough To Love You 17/? (6/8)

“Dream the hell on-,” their boss snorted, and everyone let out a soft, collective groan.
“Five days,” Kazuya immediately negotiated.
“Three,” Johnny replied firmly.
“Four,” his idol tried.
“Three, Kazuya,” his boss insisted.

Sigh. The idol glanced at the junior who’d put him up to the dare. The guy shrugged.
“…Fine,” Kazuya agreed reluctantly.
“Good,” Johnny retorted; then after a moment, “go ahead and tell everyone who put you up to this that they’re working extra hours when they get back.”

Matsumoto was suddenly all middle fingers and Tegoshi promptly flung out his legs, encasing a furiously squirming Yamapi to keep him from flying at Kazuya, “down boy, down – I said,” he whisper-screamed so as to not strengthen Johnny’s argument. Subaru and Okura sitting in the circle besides Kazuya’s started suffocating him with massive pillows, hissing just as quietly with the same purpose, while Nino hailed popcorn on al them. Jin huffed, quieting a laugh best he could while Nakamaru howled amusement into the couch cushions and Tatsuya grinned, pressing the side of his fist into his mouth to keep quiet as Kazuya floundered.

“What?” He wheezed, appropriately flabbergasted, “Ossan, what’re talking about?! No one would ever-.”
“You’re a workaholic, brat,” Sakurai silently flung a clog at Kazuya’s head while Aiba made it rain Shogi pieces on him, “– you don’t get stressed,” Johnny interrupted, “now shoo, I’m done haggling with you,” and the line was cut.

“KAMENASHIIII!” Matsumoto damn near screamed the minute it was.
“HAH!” Koki barked, because everyone knew KAT-TUN was free of this damning sentence given their lack of… discipline, which meant Johnny’s orders immediately fell to everyone else instead. “BUSTED!” He snorted while Yoko and Hina worked on holding Matsumoto down and pouring down his throat, some concoction that was more alcohol than fruit punch. Meanwhile Kazuya rolled his eyes and the others either started breaking off into peals of amused laughter or started throwing pillows at him, mostly the latter.

“ ‘Eyyyy, Goldie,” the junior sitting across from him leered amid the chaos, “thanks~ even if it’s just for three days,” he shrugged, “to be real, he probably wouldn’t even listen to the rest of us.”
“True,” another junior sighed wistfully.

“He’ll pay attention to you when you debut,” Kazuya consoled them, knocking away the pillows flying his way and grabbing his phone off the table, “don’t worry about it-.”
“Just make as much trouble for him as you possibly can,” Tatsuya threw in.
“As many scandals as possible,” Jin added.
“Drive him insane,” Junno nodded.
“Make him wish he never took you in,” Nakamaru advised.
“Do all that, and he’ll pay more than enough attention to you,” Koki declared sagely.

One of the younger juniors leaned in, eyes wide and awed. “Is that what you guys did, Senpai?”
“Worse,” Nino wrinkled his nose.
“Don’t teach the children weird things, you animals!” Tackey yelled from the kitchen.
“Animals!” Sakurai reiterated still flinging pillows in KAT-TUN’s general direction.
“I mean he pays attention to us though,” Kazuya shrugged, ignoring his senpais.
“Too much,” Aiba snorted.

“Hmh,” the leader of the demon band preened as he fluffed his hair. “Who’s next?” He called when a myriad of things among cushions started getting thrown at him again.
“Me!” It was one of the youngest juniors who pushed eagerly through the older juniors to get in the idols’ faces this time.
“Awww,” Tatsuya cooed, nudging Kazuya as the kid broke out into all smiles before them.

“This one’s for Taguchi-senpai!” He declared.
“Hit me,” the blonde leaned in.

“I dare you,” the child grinned impishly, not unlike a miniature demon.
“Duuuuude, next-gen KAT-TUN much?” Subaru groaned as he eyed the pinched face horrifically, “what is this - your secret love child?” - it was directed at Koki, who he nudged a harsh knee into and accepted a hard whack on the head for.

“To what?” Junno challenged back.
“Ice,” the boy declared, “down Nishikido-senpai’s pants.”

“Jesus fuck-!” Matsumoto hacked on his dearly diluted fruit punch, “whatever did KAT-TUN do to you, kid?” He outright failed at not laughing that out though, clearly enjoying this rather than not, while Ohno drew the sign of the cross on himself.
Hina started whistling out The Hunger Games tune holding up the symbolic three fingers of respect for the dead, while Yasuda shook his head despairingly, “God save us all,” he sighed as Junno hopped straight up and off the carpet, grinning rampantly.

“Recruitiiiiing~,” he sang out loudly, but Tatsuya was already walking past him with a skip in his step, Kazuya at his heels with Jin leading the way. “Hehe~,” the blonde ended laughing sweetly, very unlike a man destined to perish at the hands of a wrathful oompa loompa.

“Wha- seriously?” the junior responsible for the dare gawked, while his fellow juniors leaned in around him.
“Watch well, brats,” Yamapi kicked lightly at the nearest kid’s head, “your Senpais are teaching you a valuable lesson – The Art of Evading a Wild Animal - learn something from it when you have to run from Ryo in the future,” and he grinned when they nodded furiously, eyes fixed on impending catastrophe seven meters ahead.

Tatsuya started it off. Clapping loudly, he skipped past Jin and sang through a smile too wide to mean anything remotely good - “Nishi-kiiii-dooooooo~,” - as Junno and Kazuya rushed past him to the refrigerator behind the kitchen island.
“ ‘Ayyy, Bruh,” Jin greeted as he loped an arm around the younger while Tatsuya crowded up to his left side, “howwww ya’ doin’?” He continued.

Ryo wrinkled his nose back, inching away from his best friend – at the same time trying to figure out how to not get closer to Tatsuya and his creepy smile as he did. “Highly suspect,” he declared skeptically when he couldn’t accomplish one without failing the other.

“W-haaaat?” Tatsuya blinked innocently, all fairy charm and big, doe eyes as he rounded around their victim and stepped ever so slightly backward as he pulled Ryo forward into a hug. “What do you mean?” He continued while the younger sputtered, flailing as the Tatsuya more or less suffocated him against his chest, “we just don’t want to leave you out of the fun-,” he was pulling Ryo forward while he was talking, “you looked so lonely hanging out here all by yourself, we thought-,” - centimeter by centimeter, watching over the poor man’s back as Jin subtly hooked a finger through the hem of his best friend’s joggers, so that as Tatsuya guided him further and further forward, Jin pulled Ryo’s pants further and further from his waist, -“you should join in on the fun-.”

Meanwhile, on the kitchen island behind them all – Kazuya was handing off a bag of ice to Junno who was sitting up on the marble top, before climbing up beside him.
Together they tore it open just as Ryo blinked, trying to turn over his shoulder when he felt his pants – “Jin, what’re you-?”
“Ryo!” Tatsuya exclaimed way too loud, getting the younger to focus back on him, “did you-.”
“Three,” Jin turned over his shoulder glancing up at Junno and Kazuya.
“-want to do anything-.”

“Two,” Jin turned back to his best friend.

Down went the ice, snap went Ryo’s joggers as Jin let them go – and off Kazuya and Junno were before Ryo made sense of it all.
“TA-! JI-WHA-?!” Ryo yelped at first, eyes horrified as he glanced down at Tatsuya who, just then, pulled back and grinned sheepishly up at their victim before he waved and bolted.
Ryo stared blankly after him for a second, shivering violently – then slowly looked down at his pants.

Three second later the glass in his hand shattered and he turned with a feral growl onto the fleeing members of KAT-TUN.

Laughing, not unlike the mentally disturbed, he exploded not half a second later, “ASSHOOOOOOLLESS~. I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU ALL -!! AKANISHI JIN – GET YOUR FAT ASS BACK HERE-.”
“Ooh,” the juniors watched as Jin raced past in a whirl of wind, leaping over the sofa and shoving Yamapi up into their best friend’s warpath to buy himself some time.
“Aah,” they continued as they watched Kazuya grab his arm, laughing loudly as he spun Jin out of the way just in time as Ryo destroyed Yamapi and came flying at him – “KAMEN- OOF!” He crashed into the decorative wall built into the conversation pit as Kazuya ducked out of the way, bringing Junno down with him and scrabbling off in the opposite direction he’d sent Jin running in – while the poor guy they were torturing shook his head, clearing the dizziness from his ringing skull.

“DEAD MEN WALKING!” He howled the promise at the top of his lungs the moment he had his head back on straight and tore straight through the mansion after the four.
The chase continued for a while, wild screaming ringing out through strange corners of the mansion as they juniors lost interest in their battling elders.

“Nakamaru-senpai,” a fifteen-year-old perked up as Junno’s laughter echoed through the open air.
“Shoot,” KAT-TUN’s beatboxer permitted.
The kid grinned wide, “truth or dare?”


Meanwhile, somewhere in some west wings of the mansion, Tatsuya had stopped running.
He hadn’t needed to, to begin with – Ryo was soft on him and everyone knew it.
Pull of the moment, he supposed as he collapsed with a loud huff into an armchair twice his size and stared into the flames of a fire left crackling in the fireplace of the living room he’d run into. A few servants bustled and hustled around him, respectively keeping to themselves without heeding his presence as they went about tending to their chores.

He paid them no mind either, lost somewhere in his head for what had to be nearly twenty minutes before something damp fell over his head, curtaining over his eyes and disrupting his concentration.

“You’re in a bad mood,” someone commented by way of greeting.
And Tatsuya glanced up, pulling up the wet cloth on his head. Ryo was standing in front of the armchair he sat cross-legged and hunched over in. “Figure that all out by yourself, did you?” He muttered back with half-hearted scorn decidedly offering no comment on the bright red boxers.

“Want to talk?” The younger offered nonetheless, pulling up a cushy footrest to settle in.
The soloist eyeballed him. “You aren’t going to kill me?” He prompted, pulling the younger’s wet joggers off his head and discarding them on the floor.
“Bakanishi and Kazuya, yeah sure,” Ryo shrugged.
“No.” Tatsuya cocked his brow warningly.
“-Noooooo,” Ryo quickly changed his answer, while the latter made a face at him.

“What.” He snapped after a minute of watching Ryo watch him, “shoo.”
Ryo grinned back. Kind of desperately.

Tatsuya sighed, wrinkling his nose, “you’re pathetic,” he muttered flatly.
“I mean, I’m trying.”
And the latter rolled his eyes, sitting back in his armchair sullenly. An easy silence settled between them as Ryo watched and Tatsuya tilted his head around, trying to shake free his lingering migraine.

“Something…,” the elder spoke first after a while, head angled back now – eyes focused on the ceiling through a frown, “…doesn’t feel right…?”
“Nothing ever feels right to you.”
“I know, but,” Tatsuya’s brow pinched, “something feels wrong,” he tried to explain; then turned back down, “something feels really, really wrong.”

“Wrong, how?”
“Wrong, like I’m missing something,” Tatsuya blinked, shoulders hunching, “something important…,” his frown darkened, “like I forgot something important… I think.”

“Hn.” The idol across from him glanced away thoughtfully. “Since when?” He asked after a moment.
Ryo turned back, “since when?” He repeated, “since when has something been feeling wrong to you? Since we left Tokyo?”
“No, not exactly-.”

“Before? After? During the flight?”
“No,” Tatsuya frowned, mouth screwing up in concentration as he began to see the point of this, “no, actually-.”
“When we landed?” Ryo leaned in hopefully.
“-I think it was…,” Tatsuya sat up now, staring down at his crossed legs as he cracked his knuckles and thought.
“Because after we landed, you guys were out like a light – like-,” Ryo leaned in even closer, “I think you guys slept the longest- OOF!” He yelped when Tatsuya suddenly punched him in the face with one fist, snapping with his other when the epiphany sparked.

“The servant!”

“…,” Ryo wheezed, stunned out of his mind for a second. “…The what…?” He grumbled nasally after a long moment, covering his aching nose protectively as he glanced at the elder with watering eyes.
“Ryo – the servant!” Tatsuya exclaimed excitedly, suddenly turning back to face him and clapping both his hands hard into the younger’s cheeks.
Ryo grimaced.

“What…?” He tried again as Tatsuya suddenly shoved him aside to hop out of the chair and start running somewhere, yelling a “thanks, fuckface!” In the process.
The sulky remnants he’d left behind him stared blankly after his disappearing figure before sighing and turning to a young servant who’d been staring at him open-mouthed for a while now. “Totally worth it,” said the idol in a pair of bright red boxers to the stunned kid with a righteous nod before he decided to carry on hunting KAT-TUN members.


Somewhere in the eastern wings of the mansion, Jin shut his eyes and listened as he settled close to the wall behind him.
Footsteps, of which he knew the gait. Soft and muffled they were, as that someone approached, padding quietly against the marble floors; humming that grew ever louder as the person came closer and closer until –

He reached out, moving quickly enough to snag a sleeve and – “shit,” Kazuya muttered softly as he tripped into him, flailing.
“Hi,” the elder cocked an eyebrow down at him, “done avoiding me?”

“Yes,” Jin made a face back at him, “we’re talking. Now.”
“About what?” Kazuya whined, trying to pull away from him, “we talked enough this afternoon, Tatsuya’s annoyed enough as it is-.”
“What,” Jin ignored him, in favor of grabbing his arm and lifting it so that Kazuya’s bandaged wrist hung between them, “for the love of God, is this?”

And the younger blushed and paled in the same second, “uhhh…”
“You tried to slit your wrists in your sleep, Kazuya.”
“I have issues, okay?” his bandmate mumbled vaguely, struggling to pull himself from the latter’s tight grip but Jin wasn’t having any of it.
“Issues?” He snapped back incredulously, “issues – Kazuya, everyone has issues –this,” he shook his wrist, “is not a fucking issue – what were you trying to do-?!”

“I don’t know!” Kazuya yelped, frantically trying to squirm away now, “Jin, leave me alone – I-!” His eyes widened when the elder suddenly jerked his arm and dragged him closer, snatching his free wrist and bringing it up between them while Kazuya was disoriented.
“Kazu-,” Jin lowered his voice this time, as he pulled the guy forward by his wrists until their foreheads were touching, “why’re you trying to kill yourself?”
“I’m not,” Kazuya turned away and Jin just pulled him closer -, “who told you that - Jin, stop-.”
“Why, are you trying to kill yourself?
“I told you, I’m not-.”

He was upset now, and it was showing – which was saying something because Kazuya’s daily façade wasn’t that fragile of a mask.
“Hey,” Jin ducked, brushing his nose against the younger’s, “talk to me,” he urged softly, “come on, I used to be your best friend.”
“You’re not anymore.” Kazuya muttered bitterly, eyes stuck stubbornly to something on the floor beside them.
“Ka…,” Jin trailed off when that sank in kind of late. He grimaced, losing focus for not even a minute – yet, that and his loosened grip and faltering resolve was all it took for Kazuya to free himself from the hold in a sudden movement Jin barely had the time to track.

In hindsight, maybe keeping trying to keep down someone trained by the mafia wasn’t exactly genius.

“K-?” Jin’s eyes widened. He saw the foot literally half a second before the pain hit. “JESU-!” He howled a moment later as he collapsed and folded into himself, moaning piteously.
Kazuya who’d slammed that foot between his bandmate’s legs just a second earlier, glanced down at his own joggers, brows rising slightly like he was noticing something. Quickly pulling out his phone, he typed up something and scrolled. His eyes widened a moment later – “ah…,” he mumbled to no one in particular, “…it’s started…”

He blinked, glancing over his phone at the latter for a second before eyeing his phone once more. “ ‘Kay then,” he murmured to himself once more and turned his attention back to the heap of harmless fury that was his floored bandmate. Calmly, he sat down on the marble floor, cross legged, as the elder curled into himself – wheezing curses.

“So,” – gone was whatever weakness he’d shown just a moment ago, “apparently, I'm allowed to tell you this now so I’ll break this down for your dumb ass,” Kazuya propped his chin in his palm, elbow resting on one of his knees as he flipped his sweater’s hood over his head and tilted it. “I have a secret,” he stated the obvious.
Jin glared up at him from where he’d evidently reduced into an angry little ball.

“Now this secret, I was forced into it –,” Kazuya cocked his brow, “our government sold me into it for a billion trillion dollars-.”
“Yeah, and-?”
“Shut up. I’m talking.”
Jin quieted.

Consequently, Kazuya did as well – glancing around the corner like he seriously expected to find Tatsuya there. “It wasn’t my choice,” he continued as he turned back, “I am the Kamenashi Clan’s black sheep, the scapegoat, the mistake they can keep hidden and cover up-,” Jin grimaced sheepishly, looking away, “the government, you see,” the younger went on, unaffected, “they find those qualities attractive in a political pawn when they make their deals with the mafia, Jin-,” Kazuya took a breath, “I am insurance and a hostage.”

The elder frowned. He was sitting up now, albeit hunched over.

“In 2013, the Japanese public debt exceeded one quadrillion yen – not like it was much better in the years before,” he suddenly switched the subject and Jin frowned. They were talking economy now?
“That’s 10.46 trillion US dollars,” Kazuya translated, and let it sink in for a second before cocking his head and smiling a broken kind of smile. “What was my price tag, Jin?” He asked quietly, “how much was I worth?”

“W…?” Jin’s stilled.
Puzzle pieces. The isolated bits of information he’d gathered from both Suzuha, Kazuya and careless others slowly pieced together.

A small, yet wholesome picture was formed.

9000 trillion American dollars,” he remembered from their earlier conversation on the patio deck.
“Hn,” the fingers of the hand Kazuya had under his chin tapped lightly against his jaw, “the mafia had money,” he held out one palm to his left, “and our government was deep in debt,” his other palm opened out to his right, “the mafia wanted me,” he weighed one side of the metaphorical scale-, “and the government wanted the mafia’s money,” – with the other side, “so-.”

“They traded you.”
“Good,” Kazuya commended with a conclusive slap of his palms against the floor as he got to his feet, “the Royal Family used me to clear the country’s debt. Now don’t ever ask about this again-.”
“For 9000 trillion?” Jin frowned.

Kazuya who was standing now, staring hopefully in the direction of the fun and games, scowled.
“That’s like $8900 trillion excess,” the elder continued wrinkling his nose, “why would government need that kind of money-?”
“Why does the government need taxes, Jin? Why do they need anything? For government things, okay,” Kazuya turned irritably back down to him, “I told you why I was sold, now be happy with it-.”
“Lie,” Jin made a face back up at him, “you told me a lie to shut me up,” he clarified, getting moody while Kazuya huffed and threw his hands up into the air, “why can’t you just-?”

“Most of it was the truth-!”
“You gave me a half-truth-.”
“Shut up and be happy with it!”
“Why can’t you just give me entire thing-?!

“Because, Jin!” The younger finally snapped, turning back on him, “if you find out why the government does weird things, they’ll have you killed for it, okay?!”
Jin quieted. Kazuya simmered, “I don’t want you dead,” he continued after a moment to himself, “so can we just go back now – I don’t like talking about this.”

And Jin snarled, opening his mouth -. To say nothing. He went mute instead, rationale clawing at his common sense.
Suddenly the image of Kazuya’s glassy eyes from back on the patio flashed before him, and he swallowed, remembering the bloody consequences of him having induced that out of the younger. His eyes flickered up, stalled and stared again at his stained wrists and their bandaging.

“Why…?” He asked again after a minute, eyes lifting to catch before Kazuya’s turned dark with irritation – because they were back to where they’d begun, full circle.
“Because,” he spat back, “I’m a suicidal nymphomaniac psychopath, bye.”


“Is Nakame real?”
Nakamaru gasped, looking offended for all of five seconds before, “duh,” he cocked a brow down at the kid.
“No waaaaay,” the junior marveled softly.

“Now you,” Koki leaned forward towards the kid, “truth or dare?”
“Daaaaare-?” The younger tried hesitantly.
His senpai glanced up, nodding towards Tackey in the kitchen. “Go yell at Tackey-senpai,” he challenged.
“Brooooooooo,” Matsumoto chided.
“Lowwwwwww,” Yoko sniffed judgmentally, while the junior gasped in horror, shaking his head furiously.

Koki shrugged with a shit-eating grin, unfazed, “or you can hug Ryo when he comes back-.”
The kid’s jaw dropped. Three seconds later he was scrambling to get out of the talking pit so that he could dash to the kitchen where Tackey stood, chatting with Tsubasa, Kimura, and Nagase near the kitchen island-

“WHAT-,” the elder jumped, nearly dropping his phone as he turned down.
“YOU’RE AWESOMESAUCE!” The junior screamed-.
“W… hat…?” Tackey mumbled back, confused.
“That’s one way to do it,” Koki hummed thoughtfully as the kid came running back, dashing into the sofa and hiding behind Yamapi as he shook in overwhelming embarrassment.

“Koki, you asshole,” Pi accused, lifting his head to glance at the traumatized kid, “what did you make him go do – you poor brat, come here,” he coddled as he pulled the junior over and gave him a hug – more or less using him as pillow in place of Jin who still hadn’t returned from hiding, unlike-

“Ueda-senpai!” Another junior called over, decidedly ignoring Ryo, who was trailing dejectedly behind Tatsuya as he came back.
“Yeah?” The elder returned, hopping over the couch’s backrest and settling down beside Nakamaru.
“Truth or dare?”

“Fuck, marry, kill,” the kid cocked a brow, “between your bandmates.”
“Kazuya, Maru, Jin.” Tatsuya replied without hesitating.
“I HEARD THAT!” Echoed from somewhere within the depths of the massive mansion.
“FOUND YOU, BAKANISHI!” Ryo immediately turned to the sound of his voice like a mad dog, while Tatsuya added -, “REST IN PEACE, JIN!” Then turned back and grinned, devil that he was. He leaned over a small junior sitting just near his legs to size up the kid that had challenged him, “your turn,” – the junior’s eyes widened-, “fuck, marry, kill,” Tatsuya parroted back, “any one of your Senpais.”

“Uepi, stop bullying him.”

“What-?! I wasn’t doing any-.”
“You’re a bully.
“Am not.”

“Everyone in KAT-TUN is a bully-,” Nakamaru and Koki promptly hollered out battle cries before Nino could finish and started bombarding Arashi with pillows, then eventually sandals when the pillows ran out.
Arashi retaliated by allying with Kanjani8 and by pulling out the square sitting pillows of the sofa and hailing them on the three, while the juniors screamed and ran around trying not to get caught up in the chaos.

“So responsible,” Tackey admired sarcastically from the sidelines.
“So mature,” Tsubasa snorted beside him.
“As if they ever even grew up,” Nagase rolled his eyes as he eyed the mess the devolved further and further into a miniature Armageddon.


The next morning found Jin sulking on the beach in a patio chair partly because he - like the rest of the KAT-TUN members – now had hair tinted highlighter yellow, courtesy of Ryo’s retribution for the ice prank that came in the form of yellow dye loaded into the band’s bathroom showercaps; and then mostly because Reio wasn’t picking up his phone calls. Predictably, his father had shown up at the hospital at some point yesterday and now he was in the bad with his little brother because of it. Also, if it mattered – he and Kazuya were salty again after having had that awkward conversation last night.

He sighed loudly.

“Shut uppp, Jin – oh my God, we get it,” Ryo whacked him over the head, making a point to run his fingers through his new hair with a shit-eating grin, as he sauntered past, “don’t be such a party pooper, this is our last vacation ‘till the old man drops dead-.”
“Preach,” Nino agreed as he walked past.
“Enjoy your depressed self,” Masuda added.
“Like so,” Ryo nodded towards the volleyball court where Yamapi and Kazuya were singularly destroying anyone opposite to them. Two minutes later, Ryo was hollering battle cries as he charged into the one-sided war and dared to side with the team that didn’t consist of the two monsters.

Jin watched in a subtly amused silence as the guy was beaten thoroughly into the sand in the matter of the next few minutes with Kazuya and Yamapi steadily aiming balls at his head and slamming hard to home until Ryo was wobbling around and Tatsuya was flinging off his shirt yelling at them to quit bullying the midget.
Ryo would’ve probably taken offense to that had he not been face down and partially concussed in the sand.

Kazuya and Yamapi vs. Tatsuya, Matsumoto and an incapacitated Ryo happened for the entirety of a half hour until a busted ball lay on the court after having withstood games of their abuse.

Nevertheless, ever excited about the fact that they were free to do as they pleased – Yamapi and Kazuya were running off into the waves exactly a minute after they’d killed their volleyball, grabbing surfboards along the way. The screaming and competition commenced once more as the two tried riding farther than each other, more importantly – farther than Tatsuya – trying to teach juniors to do the same while they were at it.

Tokoro-san made the mistake of stepping out at some point a midst the hyperactive idiots and was appropriately mauled by excessively grateful idols hugging the very soul from his poor old lungs.
His wife and servants brought out the food a while after, and stepped back to let the animals (idols) feed without getting in their way.
All the while, Jin sat in the shade – sulky and sullen in his beach chair as he stared at nothing in particular through his sunglasses.

"What's he doing?" Kazuya muttered finally, after having watched the elder stay motionless since they day had begun, “is he depressed about Reio?”
“Attention whore,” Yamapi snorted through a mouthful of chips.
“Drama queen,” Ryo added through another mouthful.
Tatsuya, who was standing behind the still singer’s chair eating shaved ice, reached out with a stick to poke gingerly at him.
When he didn't respond, he shrugged.

"He's gone," he pronounced him dead, turning back to Kazuya who shrugged as well.
"Cool," he smiled brightly and trotted off.

Jin sighed as he stared after him.
“Oh,” Ryo played at surprise.
“It lives,” Tatsuya drawled from behind him.
“Shaddup,” Jin chided back.

“You good?” The elder asked all the same, leaning over the backrest of the younger’s chair so that when Jin looked up, he was looking at an upside down version of his bandmate.
“No,” he replied truthfully, because despite everything – he really did want to go home. He really did want to see his little brother, make sure he was truly alright, and healed and eating well and… he sighed wistfully again.

“Dude,” Masuda who’d been sunning beside him, frowned gently, “where’d the old you go? You’re boring as hell now, Akanishi.”
“You don’t know?” It was Yamapi’s turn to lean over his best friend’s chair now, “Meisa killed him and turned him into a Daddy-zombie.”
“Really now?” Masuda pitched in on the stupidity looking appropriately shocked, while Jin wrinkled his nose.
“The fuck?” He grumbled half-heartedly, “Pi, that doesn’t even-.”
“He now lives as a starving husband without the guidance of his wife – observe,” Yamapi went on sagely, lifting a hand to poke at his cheek, “the sunken skin, the eye bags, the skinniness of a man who hasn’t had a home-cooked meal in years-.”

Masuda gasped exaggeratedly-, “oh, my word!” While Jin got busy slapping his best friend off, “shut up already,” he muttered.
“Oh, come on, I was kidding, kidding -,” Yamapi slapped back, grabbing his arms at some point and pulling gently, “come on, get up – get some sun,” he urged, “you’ve been a couch potato all day-.”
“What’s wrong with being a potato?” Jin whined back, wiggling away – insistent on remaining a useless blob for the rest of the day.
“You’re on a beach being a potato – everything’s wrong-!”

“Beach potato,” Tatsuya mumbled, prodding at him with his stick.

“Come onnnnnn,” Yamapi returned, tugging at his arm until Jin jerked and he lost his grip and fell back. “Dude,” he made a face, sitting back up while the elder curled away from him defensively.

“It’s a pill bug…,” Masuda pointed excitedly at Ryo when he correctly named the creature Jin was currently reminiscent of.
Above him, Tatsuya sighed. “Fine, brood away then – regret this when Johnny never lets us rest again, Jin,” he called as he idled away.
“Bakanishi,” Pi pouted.
“Later,” Jin promised without actually promising anything and the younger huffed, flinging his arms out to his sides as he fell back into the sand.

A moment later, he yelled at the top of his lungs, “KAZUYAAAAA!”

Jin rolled his eyes.
“WHAAAAAT.” Kazuya hollered back from somewhere on the beach.
Yamapi lifted his hands out of the sand, holding them in the air expectantly until the younger came over grumbling a few minutes later to drag him away from Jin through the sand.

The games and violence started a little while later, and again Jin settled back as he watched on in silence for the next few hours.
It really did look fun, the surfing, the swimming, the water polo – Tatsuya was right. This would probably be a final grace Johnny would afford them for a while, with expectations of phenomenal albums and concerts when they got back. Jin just couldn’t think very much along those lines when his brother was on his mind. When everything was on his mind, to be real – he’d been dealing with this mafia nonsense ever since the beginning of this year.

Part 7
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